Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Year, Old Friend

It’s the new year and the Veterinary Training Camp has already completed its first camp of 2014!

We started the year welcoming back an old friend. It was wonderful to see Elena Graebener from Germany again and this time she was able to spend a little time with both Dr Petrisor and Dr Aurelian to benefit from their slightly different teaching styles.

Her first visit was under the guidance of Dr Petrisor and she enjoyed her time here enough to come back for more! Since September she had started a new job and also done some work neutering in a shelter.

Elenas tissue handling skills have developed nicely in the last 4 months so we concentrated on building confidence as well as adding in a few other surgeries such as her first solo leg amputation and acting as assisting surgeon in some orthopaedic procedures.

We are confident she will continue to grow as she continues to perform more surgeries and we look forward to hearing how she develops with time.

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