Tuesday, 29 November 2011

November 2011

Last week we ran a small specialised training camp with only one attendee. Dr. Florin-daniel Lucaciu travelled from Baia Mare in the Northwest of Romania. His training has been sponsored by Romania Animal Rescue (www.romaniaanimalrescue.com) and after his week with us we hope he will be able to work towards improving the welfare of stray dogs and participate in the Romania Animal Rescue Spay and neuter project integrated with the Think Stray Campaign.

It was an intensive week with several long days where Dr Lucaciu was operating between 9 o’clock in the morning and 9 o’clock at night. Even though the days were long, ending with aching muscles, time was still found to relax and enjoy a few alcoholic beverages.

The week started well even if the linear alba proved to be somewhat elusive to begin with. Attention to detail was important as Dr Lucaciu learnt about the properties of different sutures, where was best to use them and why. He tirelessly practiced his knots to ensure they were always secure and he also learnt the importance of haemostasis. Overall around 20 surgeries were performed.

Dr Aurelian was very pleased with how our trainee improved over the week and he certainly passed the test performing a bitch spay on a particularly large dog towards the end of his time with us.

Provided Dr Lucaciu continues to practice the techniques he has learnt with us he should be a valuable asset to many spay and neuter campaigns in the future as well as providing the best care to his patients. We wish him every success in this!