Friday, 12 October 2012

Transylvanian Tavi Tries VTC Trusted Techniques

This week we welcomed Dr Octavian Pop from Bistrita in Romania. It was a busy week as the local rescue group trying to conduct as many street dog neuterings as possible before the cold weather starts in Romania.  
Dr Octavian was able to get to grips with a range of sterilisations, from small bitches, to prepubescent females and dogs in heat. He even fitted in a few males. This week we were based at a busy clinic in Craiova so there was also the opportunity to see a few interesting cases in  between all of the surgeries.  
Perfect intradermal sutures by Dr Octavian

Dr Aurelian was pleased with Dr Octavians progress over the week. His enthusiasm and attention to detail lead to a quick development of surgical skills even if in the process his hands became sore from practising knots and sutures. We were also able to add to his anaesthesia knowledge which will hopefully assist him in conducting neutering projects in his home town for stray dogs. 

We would like to thank Romania Animal Rescue ( for sponsoring Dr Octavian and look forward to following his progress developing neutering projects in his hometown of Bistrita. Donations towards the safe sterilisation of street dogs and education of the public on the importance of this can be made via the Romania Animal Rescue website.