Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cambridge Graduate Castrates with Ease

Deep Chested Bitch Spay Holds No Fear For Georgina
Our latest camp attendee was Georgina Hall from the UK. She graduated this year from Cambridge Vet school and wanted to perfect her surgical skills before beginning her first job.

The clinic here in Craiova has been very busy with surgeries as part of a free sterilisation campaign by Romania Animal Rescue.

Once Georgina had mastered the minimally invasive techniques under the guidance of Dr Petrisor Stefan she was able to help us work through some of the 200 surgeries for the local animals of Craiova.

Using her surgical skills on the cake she bought the team!

She was also was able to amputate a tail and perform two enucleations as well as assisting in surgeries such as intersusception repair and ulnar osteotomy.

Georginas confidence grew over her time with us and she over halved her surgical time whilst producing some very nice neat small incisions. She coped well when presented with an unexpected haemostatic problem and is going to develop into a very good surgeon.

We wish her all the best in her new job and look forward to hearing about her first post camp surgeries!